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Lutein Vision (60 Capsules)
Lutein Vision (60 Capsules)
Bilberry Eyestrain Relief (30 Tablets)
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Standardised European sourced Bilberry extract. Traditionally used in Western herbal medicine to help relieve eye strain and eye fatigue. Blackmores Bilberry Eyestrain Relief helps to relieve eyestrain and eye fatigue caused by daily computer use, night driving and fine detail work, and help support night vision. Bilberry may also help reduce the risk of damage to the microcirculation of the eye.

The key constituents of bilberry are the anthocyanosides. These constituents give bilberry antioxidant properties. In addition the anthocyanosides have been shown to increase the strength and reduce the permeability of the capillaries and in this way bilberry helps to reduce damage to the microcirculation of the eye.

The anthocyanosides in bilberry help to maintain visual acuity (sharpness) and improve night vision through their action on rhodopsin. Rhodopsin is a light sensitive pigment found in the rods of the retina. Rhodopsin is essential for eyesight in dim light and needs to be quickly regenerated in order for the eye to maintain visual sensitivity.


- Blackmores Bilberry Eyestrain contains 5000 mg of standardised bilberry, with 16.2 mg of active anthocyanosides per tablet.

- Bilberry:

* Has traditionally been used to relieve eyestrain, eye fatigue and eye weariness

* Helps to maintain visual acuity and sharpness in poor light (night vision)

* Supports healthy functioning of the retina and may help reduce the risk of damage to the microcirculation of the eye

- Blackmores Bilberry Eyestrain Relief contains premium European-sourced Bilberry.


- Adults - Take 1 tablet 2 to 3 times a day with meals, or as professionally prescribed.

- Children under 12 years - Only as professionally prescribed.

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